Aug 9, 2007

Thursday's reads

'He Lived to Tell the Tale (and Write a Best Seller)' - Motoko Rich - The New York Times.
Unlike Pat Tillman or Jessica Lynch, Mr. Luttrell was not a soldier whose name had been widely reported in the news media. Until he was released from the Navy, he was not permitted to do any publicity for the book, which went on sale June 12.
'Race to be first unsettles campaign' - Roger Simon - The Politico.
New Hampshire wishes to protect its First Primary in the Nation status (which is complicated by the fact that it will allow no other contest — primary or caucus — to go before it other than Iowa. It allows Iowa to do this through tradition, but that door is now closed and New Hampshire says no other state can apply.)
'AMES: Not So Fast, Sen. McCain' - Marc Ambinder - The Atlantic Online.
We know Sen. John McCain won't show at Ames, but this morning, Mr. McCain took his skedaddling one step further: he claims he never intended to participate in the straw poll. Well, his former campaign manager, Terry Nelson, and former chief strategist, John Weaver, would disagree.

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