Aug 2, 2007

Thursday's reads

'Obama and That Nuke Story' - Mark Murray - First Read.
The story made the usual political rounds -- it was posted on Drudge and news blogs. The news? That Obama would NEVER use nuclear weapons as president. The problem, though, was that the story wasn't entirely correct. It left out the fact that Obama was talking about his speech yesterday about Pakistan and Afghanistan.
'Reid: Bridge collapse is ‘wake-up call'' - Martin Kady II - The Politico.
Later, Reid and other Democratic leaders went a step further, bashing Republicans for failing to pass a water resources and development act, known as WRDA on Capitol Hill, for seven years, saying that the bill was essential to investing in American infrastructure.
'Baby, You Dropped Obama on Me' - Jonathan Chait - The Plank.
This is a fascinating reaction. In fact, plenty of serious people favored the 2005 operation--as the Times article makes clear, they included senior military officials and CIA Director Porter Goss.

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