Aug 6, 2007

Hillary's health care lessons

At YearlyKos, Hillary Clinton was asked what she learned from the 1994 health care battle. Ezra Klein surmises.
1) It's not enough to have a plan, you need to have a political strategy, too.

2) It's imperative that as we go forward we put together a coalition of as many groups who'll be affected -- doctors nurses, hospital administrators, etc -- as possible, and steel them to withstand the incredible blowback we'll get from the drug companies and insurers. In other words, you need a proactive, sympathetic coalition able to create a counterweight to industry forces.

3) I learned a lot about the tactical end of things. I don't have the time in 90 seconds to tell you of all the mistakes I made, but being in the Senate has taught me an enormous amount about how to marry my proposal with the process. This will be my highest domestic priority.

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