Aug 6, 2007

Shadow race to be anti-Giuliani

With all the recent Republican mud-slinging over religion, Michelle Cottle of The New Republic notices the one candidate whose shirt is impeccably clean: Rudy Giuliani.

Cottle suggests the lack of attacks on Giuliani's religion indicates that the other candidates are waiting for the candidacy of "the serially unfaithful, thrice-wed, pro-gay, proudly pro-choice New Yorker" to fizzle with conservative caucus and primary voters. Convinced of the inevitability of Rudy's demise but unsure of when it will happen, '08 Republicans are working harder at becoming the anti-Giuliani candidate than beating the current Republican frontrunner.

Religion is one of the few openings they have.
Unfortunately for the competition, there just aren't that many red meat issues by which to starkly distinguish oneself from the pack. Most everyone in this group (thanks to a few strategic adjustments by Mitt in recent years) opposes abortion and gay marriage, loves guns, and cannot wait to round up America's 12 million illegal immigrants and send them home in cattle cars. As for the war on terrorism, it's hard to get to the right of Rudy, whose entire candidacy is based on his swaggering machismo and endless reminders that he is the Big Dog who helped New York survive 9/11.

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