Aug 9, 2007

Baroni's diet plan

Hats off to New Jersey Assemblyman and candidate for State Senate, Bill Baroni. Not only has this Republican won in a Democratic-majority legislative district and been touted as the future of New Jersey's embattled GOP, but he's gotten himself a healthier lifestyle -- and an ad campaign.

The ad is online at The New York Observer. Does the use of a candidate for office raise a political conflict for Duke Diet or the sites airing it? Does the use of his image count as a political expenditure or contribution? Probably not, since Baroni appears only as "Bill B." in the ad and on the site.

Baroni's district is one of three taking part in New Jersey's new Fair and Clean Elections Pilot Project meant to curtail the influence of money on state government, so his campaign finances are under intense scrutiny this year. But knowing Baroni, he probably cleared this with state election law authorities well in advance.


jay lassiter said...

i'd give baroni the benefit of the doubt....
doesn't seem like he's trading on his name here, just providing testimonial.
but what do i know?

JRB said...

Yeah, and his profile isn't so high where most people recognize him. I'm sure he cleared this with the proper people before he agreed to it.