Aug 1, 2007

Republican narrative

Jason Horowitz of The New York Observer profiles Clinton pollster Mark Penn, in which Penn espouses Barack Obama's campaign is desperate.
“Gosh, you would really need to do a lot of groundwork before you would agree to meet with somebody like Ahmadinejad, who has even denied the Holocaust,” Mr. Penn said in a voice so soft that his barb almost seemed sweet.

Mr. Obama’s campaign, he said, had revealed “some level of desperation about not having moved in the polls. And frankly a lot of people have given them the advice ‘oh, just go ahead and get her.’ And so he’ll see whether or not that is more successful than going forward with his policy ideas and the new politics, which is where he started.”
Besides the fact that Obama's team doesn't seem too distressed by national polls, sending out your top surrogates to tell everyone your opponent wants to meet with a Holocaust denier seems a lot more desperate to me.

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