Aug 10, 2007

Shrum's allegations

Last night in the HRC/LOGO Forum, John Edwards was asked about the alleged "I'm not comfortable around those people" statement recalled in Bob Shrum's No Excuses, widely reported as it was one of the main teasers during the book's promotion.

But why wasn't Hillary Clinton asked about Shrum's contention -- made in the very same book -- that her husband urged John Kerry to come out in support of a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage during the 2004 campaign?

Edwards denied Shrum's account last night, as he had many times before. A Bill Clinton spokesman has also disputed Shrum, as John Aravosis investigated the allegation.

True, Hillary is not Bill, though he is her chief political adviser. This Shrum allegation is more than some feeling expressed in a conversation; it was political advice to a candidate for president -- the very position she is in today.

Besides, Shrum's book was a worthy enough source for an Edwards question. Hillary should have been called to account for what Shrum said, too.

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