Jul 25, 2007

Wednesday's reads

It's been a busy day.

'Obama models campaign on Reagan revolt' - David Paul Kuhn - The Politico.
"Now, it is blasphemy for Democrats," Obama pollster Cornell Belcher said of Reagan, "but that hope and optimism that was Ronald Reagan" allowed him to "transcend" ideological divisions within his own party and the general electorate.
'The 25 Percent Solution' - Michael Crowley - The Plank.
In addition to approving of George W. Bush's job performance, here are some other things roughly one in four Americans believe.
'$58 Billion Shortfall for New Jersey Retiree Care' - Mary Williams Walsh - The New York Times.
From 1987 through 1994, New Jersey was one of only a handful of governments that went to the trouble of setting aside money for retiree health care. Gov. Christine Todd Whitman stopped the practice the year she took office, along with cutting back on pension contributions.

The official explanation was that inflation in health costs had subsided and that setting aside money could create a bigger reserve than was needed. Also, her administration noted, the Clinton White House was working on a national health plan.

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