Jul 31, 2007

Tuesday's reads

'Remembering the 1967 Riot That Wasn't' - Kevin Coyne - The New York Times.
So harrowing was the violence that summer that President Lyndon B. Johnson appointed the National Advisory Commission on Civil Disorders, more familiarly known as the Kerner Commission, whose 600-page report is a catalog of flummoxed officials, poor decisions, inaction, overreaction, prejudice and miscommunication. Among its few heroes is Patricia Sheehan, whose leadership, the report concluded, was “decisive in avoiding a major confrontation.”
'Giuliani Backs Hillary — and He Matches' - Jada Yuan - Daily Intelligencer.
"As I understood [Obama's] statement, he’s either going to invite to Washington or meet somewhere else the head of Cuba, who would be Castro, and the head of Iran, who is Ahmadinejad. That’s quite a crew. I don’t know that I would want to meet with them. Some people you just don’t meet with if they’re going to use that to propagate their own propaganda. I thought Hillary Clinton was on the right side of that."
'Snowman Video In YouTube Debate Chills Some Politicos' - Amy Schatz - The Wall Street Journal.
Republican Internet consultants are sputtering with disbelief. "With all of the challenges we're facing next year, the last thing we need to do is snub a medium that millions are embracing," says Patrick Ruffini, a blogger and former Internet consultant for Mr. Giuliani.

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