Jul 28, 2007

Saturday's reads

'The Centrists Didn't Hold' - Noam Scheiber - The New York Times.
But George W. Bush taught Democrats of all stripes that their differences with one another were minor compared with the differences between them and Republicans. For seven years, Democrats have faced a radical administration that operates in bad faith. Yet there was the Democratic Leadership Council, still arguing that teachers unions endanger the republic.
'Obama Rises in New Era Of Black Politicians' - Alec MacGillis and Perry Bacon Jr. - The Washington Post.
Although Obama (Ill.) has forged a path as the first African American with a serious chance of becoming president, his rise coincides with the emergence of a whole cohort of black politicians who share similar résumés and ideology.
'Two Powerful Men, Two Powerful Egos and a 'Clash of Titans'' - Leslie Eaton - The New York Times.
As shell-shocked New Yorkers know by now, the attorney general released a toughly worded report saying that some of Mr. Spitzer’s top aides tried to use the state police to embarrass Mr. Bruno. In the days since, the report has created new complications for Mr. Cuomo’s already complex and, some say, competitive relationship with the governor — and sparked speculation about his motives.

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